Self Publishing Customized Package Request

All fields are required for self-publishing quote packages.
Considering that all self-publishing options require multiple 
forms of advertising and various types of production, we
take your information including amount your willing to spend
and create a customized, itemized, detailed package with
options. All self-publishing ventures will require a minimum
of a $5,000 investment to be considered, however a greater 
investment is likely to improve the arts viability.
While we will make every effort to make sure your art is seen
by a large audience and becomes a viable and profitable
venture of BNE Publishing, not all projects BNE engages in
are expected to succeed to profitability. If we determine
a project will not turn out viable often BNE will request a
separate piece of art to promote, we may choose to
invest company funds to help promote certain projects.
All projects should be considered advertising and as
with all forms of advertising goal conversion rates
can vary significantly depending on the investment
and likability of the overall art. We offer no guarantee
that our advertising will make your art profitable, but
we suspect it might.

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We have seven in-house departments that allow us to make any piece of art we are working on popular through our Self-Publishing Option.

If you are an artist simply trying to make it, but don’t want to work for us or haven’t won the Discoveries Ink contest this is how to buy it.

Yes that’s right we do offer a spot in each newsletter for one piece of Art that is featured by BNE Publishing.

What this means is if you pay for the time, materials and services BNE typically spends to promote a single piece plus 6% we will make your Art the feature and allow you all the benefits of a contest winner.

The reason BNE offers this is that while we would like to believe our judgement of quality is full and final, sometimes the public disagrees..

Through Self-Publishing any artist who is anyone can become published and popular if they put up the money to do so.

Different types of Art has different costs; to secure a Self-Publishing contract please request a quote from BNE by clicking here and after final approval of the quote and contract, submit half the costs required for the contract and BNE Publishing will secure your spot on a first come first serve basis. Currently there is only one BNE location, but as we expend we will offer additional Self-Publishing spots.

Self-Publishing contracts are very similar to contest winner contracts. While initial costs for self publishing may be significant, it should be known this is typically very close to what BNE spends on a particular piece of art. Further all Self-Published contracts are expected to make a profit, however like stocks the cost/benefit balance may not be achieved for some time so BNE would typically encourage any Artist to wait and see before making and sudden changes to the initial marketing plan. At BNE’s discretion we may request that an Artist submit a new or different piece to promote due to our customers preferences.

All published artists are expected, but not required to submit representations (photos, videos and reproductions) of their portfolio upon promotion of one of their pieces of artwork through our Newsletter, Discoveries Ink. We ask this of artists because having many pieces of art allows for a much longer and engaged experience from our users creating improved goal conversion rates and thereby maximizing possible profits. Artists with more and varied art to promote should expect higher profit returns and a larger audience, meanwhile artists who choose not to participate in this aspect of the program may experience short lived success or very little to no success at all (beyond the $0.05 per newsletter sold of course). It is absolutely the Artist’s discretion as to how much they participate, but in all actuality if you want to do art for a living either quit your day job and come work with us, or submit all the art you have created after being published in the newsletter and we will do our best to see to it that you won’t need a day job any longer (and then come work with us because art is fun:).